The Role of IT Companies in Digital Transformation

What Is Digital Transformation? As is the case with any emerging technology and a new method of working, there are often misconceptions around the term “digital transformation.” This process goes beyond updating your tech or migrating to the cloud. Let’s define it. Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business. It will change the fundamental ways that your business operates while challenging you

What Services Are included In A Managed IT Package?

No matter the size of your business, managed IT services can offer great value. They are one of the best ways to ensure the security, integrity, and performance of your company’s network. Managed IT can cover a range of different services that can help reduce downtime and increase security for business networks. In this blog post, we will discuss what typical managed IT service packages include and the benefits

How To Effectively Communicate With Your IT Team

If you look at why any important project fails, lack of communication is at the root of it all. Whether your IT team is on the other side of your office or the other side of the country working remotely, you’d be surprised to learn how wide the communication gap can be. This leads to slower timelines and delays, and going over budget. Plus, the risk of what your

What Is The New FTC Safeguards Rule and What Does it Mean for Your Business?

With cyberattacks and costly data breaches becoming more prevalent for businesses of all sizes, keeping customers’ information safe is more important than ever. Companies hold onto all kinds of personal data that can be used for illegal means, including social security numbers, home addresses, banking information, and more. The loss of this data puts customers at risk of identity theft and fraud, and can be extremely costly to amend.In

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