You should REALY read this.

Have you ever gotten an email that says something like – “Verify your account” or “Update your password” or even a funny invoice that you’re not expecting, that asks you to log in to your email when you click it? I’m willing to bet the answer is yes. We know from experience, that many times these emails are so convincing, even the most experienced folks out there get misled

The #1 Thing You Can Do To Prevent Cybercriminals From Hacking Your Network

There is one thing many small businesses do that puts them at risk for a cyber-attack. They take a reactive approach to IT security. They wait until something bad happens until they do anything. Unfortunately, we live and work in a time when you can no longer be reactive to cyberthreats. Practically every small business is connected to the Internet and relies on a network to function. It’s the

Are You A “Sitting Duck” For Hackers?

Extremely dangerous and well-funded cybercrime rings in China, Russia and the Ukraine are using sophisticated software systems to hack into thousands of small businesses like yours to steal credit cards and client information, and swindle money directly out of your bank account. Some are even being funded by their own government to attack American businesses. Don’t think you’re in danger because you’re “small” and not a big target like

Are You Paying 89% Of Your Employees To Peruse Social Media, Search For Another Job And Infect Your Network With Viruses?

In a recent Wasting Time At Work Survey, Salary.com reported that 89% of employees admitted to wasting time at work every day, with some admitting they waste at least HALF of their 8-hour workday on non-work-related tasks. According to the research firm YouGov, 20% of employees are late to their jobs at least ONCE A WEEK. A study by Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers found the average user checks their

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