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Death to Office Communication?

I’m somewhat fascinated by how people and coworkers communicate with each other. Nowadays, we have practically infinite ways of exchanging thoughts, notes or work it should be easy but for some reason there still seems to be a missing link. As a person who likes to question everything it triggers me to ask why, why does communication amongst businesses like staffing, PR, marketing, construction and law firms still fall

3 Reasons Why To Reevaluate Your Hotel Wi-Fi

When someone is planning a trip and selecting a hotel they often start imagining sleeping in a clean room with fresh sheets, a minifridge, TV and a classy restaurant near the lobby to relax and eat before or after going to the pool, event, work meeting or whatever brings their travels to your hotel. All the fellow traveler asks for is that everything goes perfectly because when out of

HIPAA Compliance: The Top Leaks in Your IT System

The entire healthcare industry operates under the HIPAA law (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996). Your clients’ and patients’ personal healthcare information is gold to pharmaceutical and medical insurance companies. To be HIPAA-compliant, access to this information should be impossible. Simply Technology Managed IT keeps your patients’ and customers’ information private and secure. That’s not a perk, it’s the law. We find and plug the leaks in

Accountants and Lawyers: Managed IT and VoIP to Streamline Your Work and Impress Your Clients

Smaller law and accounting firms gain an edge over their bigger competitors by providing the same seamless and high-tech experience when it comes to taking and receiving calls, and the smooth and secure transfer of files. Why You Need Managed IT Services File sharing and security Cost-Effective Email in the Cloud Virtualization Server and PC Maintenance Anti-Virus Solution These services streamline your work and customer service, making your IT

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