Backups Can Save Your Business 

There’s something special about a workplace and technology arrangement that has a workflow as sleek as Luther Vandross. A sexy, sleek and fast setup gives tech nerds like us goosebumps because it enables businesses to be more efficient.   

A crucial piece to a sleek IT arrangement for business owners is having elaborate backups. Backing up your data throughout the day and overnight is a great way to protecting the information your business thrives on.  

To help you out let’s talk about the information most important to majority of businesses: 

  • Internal product catalog: What would happen if you lost it all? 
  • Your customer’s private information like banking routing numbers, credit card information, social security numbers, business names, addresses and email addresses. 
  • Your employee information like names, home addresses, family members, phone numbers, banking information, health records and social security numbers.  

Every business has valuable information that needs to be protected. By having continual backups you’re making sure your business won’t lose all its valuable data in the event of a cyber breach, power outage or server failure.  

Let me give you an example: If a medical practice’s server crashed and they no longer had access to patient files, they’ll likely have to reschedule all the appointments they had until the server was back up and running again.  

The same goes for any business type. What would happen if you lost your Quick Books database or patient files or HR documents or product inventory? 

it’d be scary but by having continual backups, a business would be able to be back up and running with all it’s data within a matter of time depending on the type of backups being used.  

There are a few different types of backup methods that we typically see: 

  • Cloud Only – Using a product that backups up files only to the cloud. 
  • Local Hard Drive – Usually an external hard drive using built-in Windows backup.  
  • Full 3-2-1 Solution – This is the gold standard in the IT industry. 3 Backups, 2 offsite and 1 onsite. This doesn’t have to be extremely costly, just properly setup and maintained.  

Think about it. If you lost all of your internal and customer information could you operate? Could your business survive?  

At Simply Technology, we design backups that are the best for your business and keep you protected. We believe in keeping technology simple but most importantly safe and efficient for your business and its employees. If you’d like to learn more about backups, send us an email to  or call (248) 885-5515 Option 1