When someone is planning a trip and selecting a hotel they often start imagining sleeping in a clean room with fresh sheets, a minifridge, TV and a classy restaurant near the lobby to relax and eat before or after going to the pool, event, work meeting or whatever brings their travels to your hotel.

All the fellow traveler asks for is that everything goes perfectly because when out of their element it’s easy to feel burdened.

Hotel professionals make it their career to improve the customer experience and make sure they feel nothing but happy and relaxed.  

What is the hotel password?

 Is something a hotelier has been asked more times than they can count and if they’re also asked,

 Why is the internet so slow and why do I keep getting kicked off?

It can cause a problem. Here’s why:

Rather than easily connecting to the internet, watching Netflix before going to bed or checking email before going to the pool now your hotel customer is frustrated and wasting time calling the front desk.

When people are away from home and staying at a hotel, they want everything to go perfect, otherwise it creates a sense of unease.

Here are 3 reasons why a hotel should reevaluate their Wi-Fi and bring a sense of ease to their customers:

  1. Wi-Fi technology has changed
  2. Wi-Fi technology has become more cost effective over the years
  3. A need for a secure Wi-Fi connection has increased


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