Effective business communication and the ability to collaborate on a team are key to building a  thriving company. If you can’t build strong relationships with your colleagues, clients, and partners, then your business is bound to suffer. A modern phone system is at the core of your business communication. Business phone systems have evolved to meet the needs of modern businesses, going beyond just handling voice calls. In this blog post, we will cover how to improve business communication by taking advantage of technology solutions like cloud-based phone services.

What is a VoIP Phone System?

One of the best ways to improve business communication is by using a VoIP phone system. They are easy to install and are highly cost effective. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. This type of phone system uses the internet to place and receive calls, rather than a traditional phone line.

VoIP phone systems come with many features designed to improve business communication. Here are some of the benefits of using a cloud-based phone system like VoIP.

1. Highly Mobile 

VoIP systems are highly mobile and can accommodate multiple locations and even remote users. This is a great way to improve business communication by making it easier for employees to stay connected from anywhere, whether they’re traveling or working from home.

Their desk phone, home phone, and cell phone can be set up to the same phone number so that they can always access their work line with ease. Relocating is easier because VoIP phone systems aren’t tied to any landlines.

2. Conferencing

VoIP takes your collaboration and business communication to the next level with conferencing. Conference calls can be accessed from anywhere, even internationally, so that partners or employees who are located in different parts of the world can stay connected. Video conferencing is easy to  implement and team members can use their laptop, mobile, or tablet as their business phone. 

3. Call Recording

Effective business communication means being able to listen, understand, and follow up on conversations. That can be more difficult to accomplish on the phone than with text-based forms of communication. Call recording saves your conversations so you can go back later to verify information, refresh yourself on what was said, or forward a conversation to someone else. Call recording also helps improve employee training and enable timely feedback. 

4. Smart Transcriptions

Gone are the days of scanning verbatim transcriptions to find a single detail. VoIP systems automate transcriptions and can summarize the information you need. This eliminates the need for extensive note taking during a call.  Smart transcriptions turn you and your team members into better listeners and improve business communication.

5. Text Messaging 

Many customers prefer using text messaging options to connect with companies, rather than placing a  phone call. Texting is more convenient, and allows customers to multitask rather than waiting on hold. Enabling text communications with your customers allows you to adapt to their needs and offer flexibility.

Cloud Phone Services From Simply Technology

Reimagine what your business phone system can do. Cloud-based phone services allow for mobility and flexibility like never before. With Simply Technology, you’ll get a seamless implementation and solutions tailored to your business’ needs. We offer thorough training, management, and support of your system. Contact us to learn more about our business phone services.