Simply Technology provides inexpensive managed IT services in Metro Detroit. How much do managed IT services cost? A short summary here may help you make your decision to switch to managed IT.

Managed IT Services Pricing Models Comparison

Tiered Pricing

Simply Technology uses this pricing model. Each tier has its price and its own package of services. You can scale up as your business and clients increase the need for a more comprehensive managed IT solution. The most basic tier– like in Simply Technology– should take care of the foundational IT needs of every business: operating system management and updates, network monitoring and alerting, and firewall (antivirus, antispam) protection.

Per User Pricing

Per user pricing models attaches a flat fee for each user, so that a set number of users has a set price per month. You would usually get managed IT support for all of a user’s devices. For example, the user’s company desktop, company laptop, tablet and smartphones would all be covered with managed IT for a flat rate. Although this pricing model can also employ a flexible tiered pricing depending on each user’s devices.

Per Device Pricing

Here, it’s the same as the per user pricing, but the rate applies to devices. For example, a fixed rate for each desktop, for each server, for each managed network, and so on, even for network printers and smartphones. A provider with this pricing model can give you a quote easily after asking about the number of devices/servers you use/plan to use.

Monitoring and alerting only pricing

Providers who use this pricing model focus on certain managed IT services: backups and optimization, OS and software updates, antivirus protection/updates. A flat fee covers the ‘monitoring’ services you pick, and any other remediation/fixes would be billed separately.

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About Simply Technology

Simply Technology has been providing technology solutions for businesses in the Metro-Detroit market since 2010.  We understand that technology can sometimes be very complex that’s why we believe in technology at its simplest form. We show this by offering our Voice and IT Services with all the features and industry leading customer service your business deserves.

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