Managed IT services in Metro Detroit are gaining ground. The benefits are irresistible and undeniable. Michigan businesses are learning that they no longer need to hire an in-house IT team for their technology needs. Simply Technology offers managed IT services, inexpensive and comprehensive, depending on the needs of your small to medium business.

But some entrepreneurs are still doubtful. Myths about managed IT services may be stopping your business from exponential growth.

Here are the most common mistaken beliefs about managed IT services:

1. You lose control over your data and secrets.

Also the most frequently asked question among our clients. It’s a natural concern. But rest assured that managed IT doesn’t in any way remove your control over your data or your client’s and business model’s confidential information.

Managed IT functions like an internal IT team, except managed IT services are remote, and your internal IT team can focus on growth instead of the background maintenance essentials we do: operating system management and updates, backups, monitoring and alerting you in case of failures, etc. This saves you from a lot of downtime and lost income.

2. Managed IT services will replace your IT staff.

As mentioned above, your internal IT team would simply be free to serve your business strategies instead of getting stuck running the background necessities of running a business! Imagine the possibilities when your IT team is focused on your products and customers. You could create better customer experiences, which would lead to more sales, more growth.

3. Managed IT is for big businesses only. It’s expensive.

Managed IT services come in flexible pricing tiers to suit your business needs at the present time, AND also brings you perspective for a more efficient IT solution for your business needs. You save money through a more cost-effective system, and you can make money by freeing up your internal IT team for more profitable strategies.

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About Simply Technology

Simply Technology has been providing technology solutions for businesses in the Metro-Detroit market since 2010.  We understand that technology can sometimes be very complex that’s why we believe in technology at its simplest form. We show this by offering our Voice and IT Services with all the features and industry leading customer service your business deserves.

We believe in thinking differently, we believe in people and what we can collectively achieve. We go to work every day to help our customers succeed!

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