Simply Technology Managed IT and VoIP services help keep your business PCI compliant. You may ask yourself, what does it mean to be PCI compliant? Are your customers’ card information really secure?

Why should you care? PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standards) is a set of rules put in place by the major credit card issuers and banks. Non-compliance could land you in a sticky situation.

  • Non-compliance fines from Card Issuers
  • Possible revocation of Merchant Accounts
  • Liability for purchases made using stolen cards
  • Replacement of stolen credit cards
  • Higher fees from banks and lenders
  • Investigation of your point-of-sale (POS) system

When you ask us for an audit, these are the places and conditions we’ll look at (and fix).

Your firewall

Your PCI compliance is only as good as the barrier you put in place to protect cardholder information from exposure when they use public internet, or exposure to other businesses and other customers or guests.

You may even have free WiFi yourself. You don’t have to make it secure, but you do have to make your cardholder information secure with a firewall.

Your automated deletion

Credit cards no longer have to be on file, but we understand this can be necessary in some situations, both in retail and food service. Is your storage secure and separate from your primary POS network? And does your POS handle deletion for you?

Your passwords and software updates

Outdated software and weak passwords compromise your POS system and the client information you should be keeping locked tight. Our audit report will flag this for you, and we can offer solutions for automated regular password and software updates.

Your staff and cashier system

Are your staff trained in swiping/inserting, processing and handing the card right back? Do you have a little alcove or shelf where your card transactions can be done away from anyone else’s eyes? These are simple enough, but a lot of stores and restaurants fail here.


Have you implemented EMV yet? With credit card processing from Simply Technology, we can provide you with EMV-Ready terminals, which fully encrypt all card holder data, at the highest level of protection and compliance.

Pay at Table

Wireless Credit card terminals can offer a much higher level of efficiency, and a better speed of service in your restaurant. Why take the customers care back to a POS terminal, when you can have the speed and security of a wireless terminal right at the table.

Contact us to find out more about how our Managed IT services can help you with PCI compliance.

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