Simply Technology VoIP services enables switching from your old copper lines. We provide the external phone service to your existing PBX.

Your guests have phones, but they still expect high standards of connectivity from the in-room phone. What if we told you that the high standards of call clarity is possible without the high costs?

Hotels, B&B, transient homes, hostels, and others in the hospitality industry always want that edge over their competitors. Working phones are still on the list, alongside comfy beds, cleanliness, customer service and quiet. To get those 5-star reviews, no one wants to have phones with issues.

Speaking of Issues, we answer several of your questions here:

Do we have to replace our system?

With Simply Technology SIP Service, we provide external phone service to you existing PBX. Everything can be left in place and simply be integrated with our SIP service. We unplug the trunk lines from your old carrier going into the phone switch. We then plug our gateway box into your phone switch. Your calls would now be converted into VoIP (Voice over IP), and only using a single data port to go out to the internet. Say goodbye to that tangle of cables.

Is it expensive?

Not when you compare the initial investment to the cost savings in the long-term.

SIP cuts telephony costs in several ways:

  • The cost of a SIP channel is much less than the old copper phone lines. This is an immediate cost-saving.
  • Long-distance call costs reduced. SIP long-distance calling includes local calls into the package, with long-distance rates across 48 states and beyond, attractive rates that will positively reflect on your bottom lines and please your guests.
  • Pay for calls, not phones. Pay only for what you buy. Legacy systems required payment for every phone line extension even when they’re rarely used. With SIP trunking, you only use one channel for every simultaneous call.
    • No minimum increments purchased for SIP trunks. SIP clients only pay for what they need.

Contact us today, and find out how we can streamline your hotel’s phone systems!

About Simply Technology

Simply Technology has been providing technology solutions for businesses in the Metro-Detroit market since 2010.  We understand that technology can sometimes be very complex, and thats why we believe in making technology simple for you. We do this by offering our Voice and IT Services with all the features and industry leading customer service your business deserves, without any of the complexity to deal with on your end.

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