IT outsourcing and managed IT services involve employing a third party provider to take care of your company’s IT so that your internal IT team can focus on bigger pictures of growth and revenue instead of server and website maintenance. When done right, it could mean your small venture finally taking off to new heights. So how do you do it right?

#1. Identify your goals.

No matter how small or big, your business should be able to clearly state the goals you want to achieve with managed IT. Without specific and measurable goals, you won’t be able to even shop around for the best managed IT service provider.

#2. Identify what you’ll outsource, and what stays in-house.

Put all the numbers on paper. You want to win on costs, so discover exactly how much every little process costs you. What’s cheaper to include in your managed IT services suite, and what would be cheaper or better to stay internal?

#3. Appoint someone or a team to make sure #1 and #2 become a constant part of your business development strategy. Managed IT can do so much more than save you money and achieve your goals– keep the bigger picture in mind.

#4. With all three of the above, you can figure out what you can do with existing offerings without the need to customize, which can be expensive.

#5. Get everything in writing: the services you’ll get and the security that comes with it. Make sure your company’s data is protected. Ask about access control, backup and recovery procedures and physical and network security protocols and precautions. See here about what to ask VoIP providers.

#6. Managed IT is not a set-it-and-forget-it tool. It takes good management and communication, both internally among your organization’s teams, and externally between your company and your provider.

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